Scheme of Houses & Students' Council

The entire school is divided into four houses namely : Nehru, Subhash, Tagore, and Raman. This facilitates the healthy, challenging, competitive spirit amongst the students via the Inter House Activities. The maximum number of children are exposed to public speaking due to myriad of activities like: Extempore, Debate, Speech, Paper reading, Science model/Experiment demonstration, Panel discussion, Poem recitation, Chanting of Vedic mantras, Compering the shows etc. Various competitions in cultural activities like Classical and Modern dances, Vocal and Instrumental music, Solo, Duet, Group song, hymns, familiarize the children with their rich cultural heritage. Expressions of original creative writing through the Inter House Essay Writing competitions, self composed poems, SUPW Skills in which the children are motivated to take initiative right from the Primary level to get an outlet in such competitions as Rakhee making, Flower arrangement, Interior designing, making of soft toys, artificial flowers, decoration of vases.
Quizzing the children in various spheres of knowledge is almost a daily routine occurrence. The Assembly is also conducted House wise with the students of the house on duty for the month presenting the Thought for the day, Current News, Poem, Speech, Quiz etc. organising and staging celebrations that fall in that month thus enabling the students to exhibit their innate potentialities.
The Executives of the Students' Council include Head Boy, Head Girl, House Captains, Vice-Captains and a prefectorial body of students. The Students' Council helps in maintaining the discipline and decorum in school, cleanliness and beautification of the display boards, adorning the corridors with informative material. The student Executives are trained to organize various celebrations, class shows, and are encouraged to handle the same on their own under the able guidance of co-ordinators and House wardens. They learn the spirit of unity, Co-ordination, responsibility, division of labour and develop the organisational ability.

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Student Council 2017-18

House Wise Student Council 2017-2018

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